The BidBuddy
is an automatic bidding tool DealDash makes available for use to all bidders. 

It is located on an items description page beneath the BID NOW button. 
You can book any amount of bids into your BidBuddy that you like.   Once you activate it by pressing the "BOOK a BidBuddy" button,  this tool will bid for you within the last few seconds of the auction. 
If any other bidders have their BidBuddy booked, your bids will be placed in turn, one after the other until one or multiple BidBuddies have used all the bids up they have booked.  
Viewing this feature activated in a live auction can be confusing to new bidders.  Some even assume that DealDash is using robots and consider the site cheating.   This is NOT the case!   Customers of the site are just using this very important tool DealDash has provided to aid them in an auction they really would like to win. 

You may see many BidBuddies active and running in an auction.   This is usually during the first few minutes once the auction has started. Eventually you will see BidBuddies being deactivated allowing only two, three maybe even four still going aganist each other. 

Single bidders, usually new to the site may even try to bid against a booked BidBuddy.  The bids will continue to be placed as the clock counts down and resets until either the auction ends or continues against other bidders whom have decided to join the auction.

Many experienced bidders use this tool to place one or two bids into the Bidbuddy before an auction has even gone live.   ( Locking in their Bid  ) 

They do this to ensure they have a bid placed on an item they would like to try to win before the NO JUMPER  banner has been activated on the auction.    In this way, they can return later to check on the auction and get in the action at a later time.   That is if the auction has not ended. 

Take a tip from me on this action.... Sometimes even though you have booked your Bidbuddy to place these few bids for you before the auction has gone live, does not guarantee that your bids will be placed.  

In some cases of very NEW or very POPULAR items, other bidders will try to prevent your bids from being placed and prevent a large amount of other bidders from getting in on the action.  

How you ask?  Your BidBuddy is activated only when the clock counts down and no other bidder has placed a bid before or around 1 second left on the clock.   If the clock reaches this point your BidBuddy will activate and place your bids for you.   

However, If bidders are trying to prevent that many others from joining the auction, they will in turn bid up the final price to reach the No Jumper  banner activation.   If this happens, your bids may never be placed because they did not allow the clock to reach the low point of activating your BidBuddy.   Hence, your bids never being able to be placed on the item.

New bidders to the site sometimes assume their Bidbuddy malfunctioned.  Again, this is NOT the case!  It was just more experienced bidders using a strategy to keep others OUT of the auction they intend to win.  

Less competition = Better chance at Winning!

May I suggest that if you use your BidBuddy tool to
"LOCK IN YOUR BID EARLY" before the auction is live.  You check on it periodically to make sure your one or two bids were placed before the 
No Jumper  banner is activated.  

This is an AWESOME TOOL to use to win auctions on DealDash.  
Once you have mastered using your BidBuddy, I am sure you will be winning more auctions and saving over retail.  

Check out the auctions at Deal Dash going on right now and test your own skill at winning an auction using your very own BidBuddy!

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