Have you seen the Marketplace yet?

What is "The Marketplace"?

It's the latest addition to your entertainment shopping experience on DealDash!

EARN FREE BIDS while selling goodies you don't mind letting go.  That's right, the Marketplace is a new feature that allows YOU the ability to get BIDS for your unwanted items!  

You can BUY or SELL or just Browse!  There is NEVER any Obligation to buy anything ever.    If something does strike your fancy you can use your bids in your account to buy it....  Don't have enough?  No problem, just add what you need from the link provided.

Don't be looking for that crazy bidder or the over spender you see bidding.  You won't know who the seller is because in the Marketplace, you get to choose an entirely new name for selling.    So you won't have a clue who has those items up for sale.   Does it matter?   Nope!  

Goodies are Goodies and if the price is right.... Snag it!

You'll want to checkout the Marketplace on a regular basis because new items are being listed all the time.   New and Gently Used.... 
You got it.... FREE SHIPPING still applies in the Marketplace, because the seller is responsible for getting the item to you at their cost.

What can you sell?  
Anything you want and the items don't necessarily have to be won previously from DealDash.  

Were you given a  Gift that you just hate?  SELL IT for BIDS!  
Win something you do want!

Do you have a crafty side?   Sell what you make... see how popular you become with your own creations... 

Bought something and it didn't turn out to be "All That"?    S-E-L-L   I-T..... 

Why keep all those extras stuffed in a closet or shoved under the bed,
get rid of the clutter in your house --
Earn those Bids and then go for something that really matters. 

Thanks to DealDash we can be exposed to so many more items than ever before.  Get involved the Entertainment Shopping way!   

         SELL YOUR STUFF  or   BUY SOME STUFF --  with BIDS!!!!!

Have not joined Deal Dash yet?   No problem, register here and start bidding and winning great items today or better yet sell a few of your own items in the Marketplace.  

You can find a link to the Marketplace at the bottom of any DealDash page located in the footer under Site Links.   

Need a little more information?  
I posted about The Marketplace when it first arrived on the scene at DealDashReviewed, where I'm a guest blogger.  

I included a few HOW-TO tips for buyers and sellers.    Check it out by reading my post :  The Marketplace a New DealDash Feature.   

          Now, Let's all go Shopping!    Join DealDash Today!
Awesome!   A new Local Time Clock feature! 

I love it.... It will make knowing when the items I want to bid on,
are getting ready to start in my area.    

Thanks DealDash... You just keep getting better and better everyday!
Have you joined Deal Dash yet?  
                                  If not you are missing out on all the fun!

The BidBuddy
is an automatic bidding tool DealDash makes available for use to all bidders. 

It is located on an items description page beneath the BID NOW button. 
You can book any amount of bids into your BidBuddy that you like.   Once you activate it by pressing the "BOOK a BidBuddy" button,  this tool will bid for you within the last few seconds of the auction. 
If any other bidders have their BidBuddy booked, your bids will be placed in turn, one after the other until one or multiple BidBuddies have used all the bids up they have booked.  
Viewing this feature activated in a live auction can be confusing to new bidders.  Some even assume that DealDash is using robots and consider the site cheating.   This is NOT the case!   Customers of the site are just using this very important tool DealDash has provided to aid them in an auction they really would like to win. 

You may see many BidBuddies active and running in an auction.   This is usually during the first few minutes once the auction has started. Eventually you will see BidBuddies being deactivated allowing only two, three maybe even four still going aganist each other. 

Single bidders, usually new to the site may even try to bid against a booked BidBuddy.  The bids will continue to be placed as the clock counts down and resets until either the auction ends or continues against other bidders whom have decided to join the auction.

Many experienced bidders use this tool to place one or two bids into the Bidbuddy before an auction has even gone live.   ( Locking in their Bid  ) 

They do this to ensure they have a bid placed on an item they would like to try to win before the NO JUMPER  banner has been activated on the auction.    In this way, they can return later to check on the auction and get in the action at a later time.   That is if the auction has not ended. 

Take a tip from me on this action.... Sometimes even though you have booked your Bidbuddy to place these few bids for you before the auction has gone live, does not guarantee that your bids will be placed.  

In some cases of very NEW or very POPULAR items, other bidders will try to prevent your bids from being placed and prevent a large amount of other bidders from getting in on the action.  

How you ask?  Your BidBuddy is activated only when the clock counts down and no other bidder has placed a bid before or around 1 second left on the clock.   If the clock reaches this point your BidBuddy will activate and place your bids for you.   

However, If bidders are trying to prevent that many others from joining the auction, they will in turn bid up the final price to reach the No Jumper  banner activation.   If this happens, your bids may never be placed because they did not allow the clock to reach the low point of activating your BidBuddy.   Hence, your bids never being able to be placed on the item.

New bidders to the site sometimes assume their Bidbuddy malfunctioned.  Again, this is NOT the case!  It was just more experienced bidders using a strategy to keep others OUT of the auction they intend to win.  

Less competition = Better chance at Winning!

May I suggest that if you use your BidBuddy tool to
"LOCK IN YOUR BID EARLY" before the auction is live.  You check on it periodically to make sure your one or two bids were placed before the 
No Jumper  banner is activated.  

This is an AWESOME TOOL to use to win auctions on DealDash.  
Once you have mastered using your BidBuddy, I am sure you will be winning more auctions and saving over retail.  

Check out the auctions at Deal Dash going on right now and test your own skill at winning an auction using your very own BidBuddy!
The guides below are very good reads.   

I've purchased many of them and even though they do not gear the information only to DealDash they are filled with information that can help you to WIN.  

Several of these guides DO mention Deal Dash in them so even if you think you know all... or think you have learned enough by watching to get in the game and beat the clock....  Let me just say that by reading other bidders comments and suggestions will really help you.  

Check out my Penny Auction Guides Page for lots of Strategy tips and just all around ultimate guides if you plan on playing on any penny auction including DealDash
Don't overload your bidbuddy....  I have made this mistake.... take a tip from me and don't do it.... You just might WIN..... LOL 

I usually am pretty good about knowing what I want to load but when a special comes up and you have several auctions all starting at the same time - placing only 1 bid in the buddy does not work all the time.    I used to do this just to mark the auctions I wanted to come back and check on at a later time to see if this was something I'd really like to get into and bid on or if it was the right time to set my buddy. 

However, sometimes the bidders get excited and they want to lock you out quickly and they do not give the clock a chance to count down to accept your 1 bid loaded in your buddy and you get locked out and have no chance at returning and getting in the game. 

So... you have to watch them more closely and if it gets time to get in and I'm watching a few at the same time it can be tricky.   Especially if it's late at night.   I might be tired and my mind is only seeing 10, 9, 8, 7 etc...  and when I do decide to get in and set that buddy sometimes my estimates of how much I'd like to spend get messed up!     

Unless you go back and check on your buddy and take the time to recalculate the exact amount you want to spend trying to win that deal.... you may make the same error I have and overload your buddy.... 

You may WIN the item and OVER PAY and NOT GET A DEAL AT ALL......   

My advise ---  Double check you buddies often as you can and readjust them if you need too...  I've adjusted many buddies finding that new bidders who only placed 1 bid really early on have now entered the game and now I need to readjust  or quit and use the BIN option... 

Check those buddies and calculate based on what you Paid for your bids, What you guess the final will be or where you want to stop and how many are bidding with you. All these factors can affect your buddy.... 

Don't overload or you will over pay and that is no deal at all.......   Good luck out there!  
A lot of the auctions on DealDash are called “No Jumper" auctions - well I think now all of the auctions are No Jumpers..   

What this means is ... when the items current and growing final price hits a certain amount like $5.00 dollars even on special bid days as low as $3.00, other NEW bidders can’t join in the auction. 

If you want to bid on that item, you have to put a bid in prior to this happening.  Keep in mind; you can’t get a great deal if you can’t bid!   So lock in your spot and Bid Early!
Yes.. I've done this big boo boo before!  Forgetting to pay for your won items is something you just don't want to do.  Not only will you NOT get the item but your bids will not be refunded to you either.  It's your responsibility to remember to pay DealDash for the items you won.   They won't remind you! 

DealDash gives you 16 days after you win an item to pay for it.  This is because not everyone has that extra cash right at the moment of winning to pay the final price especially if it's a larger amount.  It's nice to have that two week window for the next paycheck to come in to pay for your wins.  

However this window can also be forgotten and unless you check your dashboard under the Items Won List and make sure DealDash shows everything paid... You may find an item or two expired and you out of luck. 

Don't forget to check your dashboard every time you log in, that's what I do.... 
and Pay for anything won before they expire on you....
Inside DealDash can be confusing to new players until they are familiar with the navigation of the site.  

I have broken down sections in my Site Navigation Helper Pages to describe what each area is and how to use it.  

I hope this helps you get around a little bit better.    ----->  Click Here